This test is so funny and surprising!

Two players needed.

You just have to print the sheet with the star (one per participant) take a pen and a small mirror.
Then sit in front of your sheet, and ask someone to cover up your sheet, use a book, a sheet,  anything to prevent you from seeing the star on your paper. Your partner should maintain the cover about 15 cm high, so you can write on your page.
Then take your pen in one hand, the mirror in the other, place the mirror in front of the sheet, you should see your star. Then trusting what you see in the mirror draw a line in the small border outline of the star ...

You will live a funny experience! You will realize that we are very unequal in this exercise.
You will feel what happens when our two hemispheres give contradictory information.
If you are curious, you can also try different practices before this exercise, breathing, relaxation, sport, and observe if the context gives different results.