Print and invent your own games! 

Few ideas

MEMORY : Print it twice or thrice if you like challenges. Mix up the cards, lay them face down ( in a row or not, more difficult if not)
Turn over any two or three cards. If the cards match, hold them and play again, if they don't turn them back over. Kids are purely amazing at this game. Great to focus their attention and exercise their visual memory.

Each player picks 5 cards, he has 20 seconds to memorize them, then he/she gives it to the other players.
He has to invent and tell a short story with the pictures he picked, and respect the order of the cards.

Each player picks a card and has to make people guess the words drawn on the cards, with only 2 hints.
For example,  I sleep upright, you can sit on my back - Guess Who? : a horse!
The winner may be the one who finds the most words  or the one who brought the most words , the choice is yours .